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Birthday Invitations For A Successful Party

When we talk about birthday parties we may first think of children's birthday parties because perhaps those are our own fondest memories. However, we can have fantastic birthday parties for any age group.

When planning a birthday party for any age group you need to answer some basic questions. This will be the jumping off point for the birthday invitations. Which is the heart of any successful birthday party.

The age group of the birthday individual is something that you are given when a party is being planned. However you do have choices to mix the age group of the individuals. It is very typical for many adults to be invited to a child's birthday party so all the relatives can attend.

The first question to answer is theme. If it is a child's party the theme will generally be something that is of great interest to the child. If the party is for an adult, while it won't be a child's theme it will have a nice focus if it has a theme. For adult parties there can be some themes such as their favorite sports team, especially if it is during that time of year. If it is a birthday party for an adult who is not into sports you can select other themes. Some adults do tropical themes like Hawaii or other locations like Paris or Asian themes. The themes for adult birthday parties are endless. Some suggestions are ethnic and cultural themes, or regional themes. Sometimes the theme will be the specific milestone of 30, 40 or 50 years old (or more). This can be a theme, which the party stores have great selection of party supplies for these age groups. If you are at a loss for a theme, may we suggest that you go to the party store and browse around? You may see something that is perfect for the specific birthday person.

The idea of a theme is key to creating a cohesive party. It makes all aspects of the party run much smoother. It makes the creation and or selection of birthday invitations much easier to do. Whether you purchase the birthday invitations, create them yourself or download them free from the Internet, you will have a winning ticket for a birthday that will be unforgettable.

Once your theme has been determined the party is on its way. The planning will need to be well established, for such things as decorations, menu, invitees, entertainment, party favors etc. This needs to be planned out as much as possible so the birthday invitations can inform the guests as much about the party as possible.

Let's review the list of information that should be covered in the birthday invitations.

Name: Who the birthday party for. Make sure you have the correct spelling of the name of the person. However, if someone knows this person by a nickname, be sure to add that to the birthday invitations.

Date and Time: The date and time on the birthday invitations needs to be clear. Give the date written out in text and not numbers and the day of the week. If the party is on March 25 write it out this way: Wednesday, March 25, 2009. For the time make sure that is clear. If the party is to start at 11:00 A.M. be sure to write the A.M. on the birthday invitations. If you need everyone there by 10:30 A.M. because it is a surprise and the birthday person will arrive later, then be sure to put the time you want them there. That is something that needs to be clear.

Place: Be sure the address is clear. If the party address is at a clubhouse be sure that is written on the birthday invitations. If the address is hard to find, make a note that a map is included and then be sure to include it. They may be able to Google it but you will have a better response if you make it easier on your guests. You can include a Google map but if you include it in the birthday invitations there will be no excuse that they could not find it.

Type of party and theme: Be sure to let the guests know what type of part this is, such as a birthday party. This way they will know what to bring. Also, by including the theme of the party in the birthday invitations you will warn your guests, especially if it is a football theme and they may want to wrap the gift in paper with that theme or purchase a gift along with the theme.

Instructions: If the person is registered at a department store for gift selections be sure to put this in the birthday invitations. This is important information. If there is a theme at a birthday party where gifts are not requested but you wish for the guests to bring their favorite wine, then that would be included here on the birthday invitations.

As you can see a birthday celebration can be a fun event both to plan and to experience. Carefully planning the birthday invitations and including everything that needs to be known by the guests in those birthday invitations will make the event a fabulous success.

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